Persimmons Dried
  • Persimmons Dried



All natural Dried Persimmons grown in the pristine valleys of California. Dried Persimmons are a spectacular tasting fruit with a soft buttery texture and sweet unique flavor. Not only are they delicious, but the beautiful orange color can enhance the appearance of any fruit board or cheese spread.

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Ingredients: Persimmons

Typically Used In: Snacks, Gift Packing, Charcuterie, Holidays. 

Product Highlight:  Consisting of a smooth, creamy, buttery texture. All Natural persimmons are packed with rich sweet flavor. Our Premium Grade Persimmons are large in size and behold a beautiful orange-amber hue which is aesthetically pleasing. Persimmons are a seasonal fruit so Dried Persimmons offer year-round availability. 

A Must Try Item: Many people have never tasted a persimmon before and for those who have tried fresh ones, dried persimmons are a total different experience! Dried Persimmons are something everyone should try but may get hooked!


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      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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