Organic Almonds Whole
  • Organic Almonds Whole

Organic Raw Almonds


All natural Organic Raw Almonds in Bulk. Organic Almonds are unpasteurized, shelled, and untreated. Unpasteurized almonds are extremely difficult to find in the USA because all almonds coming from California must be pasteurized. Organic Almonds are nutrient dense and contain all the natural enzymes associated with an unpasteurized almond along with great amounts of protein and minerals. 


Ingredients: Organic Almonds

Typically Used In: Snacks and Snack Applications, Baked Goods, Trail Mixes, Bulk Bins. Can be used to Produce Almond Milk.

Product Highlight: All Natural and Organic Raw Unpasteurized Almonds. Organic Almonds are larger in width but not as plump compared to the most common almond grown in California. 

Did You Know?: California is the largest producer of Almonds in the world, but the majority of them are not organic because California law requires a pasteurization step for all Almonds grown commercially. Our Organic Almonds are imported directly from Spain - the leading producer of Premium Organic Almonds. 


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      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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