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Phone:  Many similar products are available, which makes it difficult for ordering over the phone. The minimum order by phone is $150.00. When ordering by phone incorrect items are the buyers responsibility.

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California:  These products contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and reproductive harm.  This is mostly true for concentrated products by natural drying after harvest (dried: fruits, herbs, spices, vegetables, powders {milk, proteins, superfoods, leaves, roots, grasses etc.}, etc.) and naturally concentrated products before harvest (minerals, barks, seeds: {nuts, seeds, beans, spice seeds, legumes, berries, cocoa, etc.} etc.).  These properties are true for both natural and organic items. sEE OUR ca PROP65 PAGE FORE MORE INFORMATION.

Limitation of Liabilities:  Any and all liability shall be limited to the purchase price of the items purchased from the seller. In the event of no purchase being made any and all liability shall be limited to a maximum of one hundred US dollars($100.00).

Pictures:  Actual pictures of foods are presented rather than artist renditions. Artist renditions are on nearly all packaging in supermarkets and many websites. It is sometimes difficult to determine size and exact colors over the internet. No claims can be accepted for the shading of colors or sizes.

Orders:  A confirmation is immediately presented and emailed to the buyer. Quantities may be limited and deliveries delayed during times of shortage. Guarantees are not made as to the fulfillment, timely delivery  or pricing. Pricing on confirmation will never increase without buyers approval. Orders are considered accepted upon shipment of products.

Manufacturers: Make sure ingredients meet requirements before mixing. The responsibility for other products in which ingredients are mixed remains with the buyer.

Allergies:  Allergens are processed in the same facility including Peanuts and Tree Nuts. Procedures are set in accordance to FDA Standards to limit the possibility of cross-contamination between products. 

Origin:  Foods are obtained from around the world from the best available sources. 

Substitutions:  When a brand name manufacturer changes a product then the newer product which may have different wrapper pictures, flavors, colors, wording etc. will be considered an acceptable substitution. The product will typically always change before the picture. Similar substitutions of similar or higher quality may be made.

Sales:  All sales are made in United States Dollars and are final 10 days from date of shipment except if delivery is more than 5 days after the date of shipment, then the sale is final 5 days after the delivery.

Claims:  For accuracy, documentation purposes and management oversight all claims (non court/legal proceedings) must be made by email, please see the Contact Page.

Delivery:  Most orders ship the next business day, some do not. Sometimes there are heat limitations, items temporarily out and/or payment requirements. The providing of an order to a carrier constitutes delivery to the address shipped. Air shipments are not provided when a shipment is not received when expected. Please allow ample time for delivery.

Address:  Many incorrect addresses are corrected for free before shipment. When the carrier charges for an address change the fee is passed on to the buyer.  A correct address can be verified by using the USPS Zip Code Finder.

Title:  Title of the goods passes to the buyer upon delivery to a shipping carrier.

Damage:  Damages in transit must be reported by email within 2 days of receipt.  Heat damage must be reported by email within 18 hours of receipt. On prepaid freight we will file a claim with the carrier for the loss. Keep the damage for inspection purposes. Mark any bills of lading with the damage(s) or shortage(s) before signing. The signed copy will be needed to file a claim. On freight collect shipments, the carriers require the receiver to file the claim.

Cancel / Returns:  Cancellations before shipment are rarely possible due to fast order processing. Please refer to the Cancel / Returns Policy for more information.

Severability:  If any of these terms become, or are deemed invalid, then only the invalid parts shall be void. The balance of the parts shall remain in force and valid.

Heat Sensitives:  An order may be canceled, shorted the heat sensitive items, called/emailed for insulated box addition or held to ship at a later date according to our best judgment or by following the comments submitted with the order.

Discount Codes:  By participating, customers agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.  These Terms & Conditions must be complied with for a discount to be valid.  Discounts limited to one (1) per customer.  Discounts are not transferable, or redeemable for cash.  Each discount is identified by a code and has different rewards.  A discount cannot be applied to an order previously placed.  If the discount code is not entered at the time of purchase, the purchase will not be eligible for the discount.  Discounts are valid for a limited time only.  If a discount is applied and an  order (in accordance with the cancellation policy) is cancelled at a later stage by the customer, the discount will no longer be valid.

Laws and Courts: The prevailing laws of Ohio and the United States shall apply to these terms and conditions. It is agreed that any legal proceedings against the seller must be made in and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Municipal (City/Toledo), County (Lucas) or Federal (US District) Courts in Toledo, OH USA.

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