Calimyrna Figs
  • Calimyrna Figs

California Golden Figs


Premium California Golden Figs (Sierra Variety usually). Golden California Figs packed with goodness and possess a sweet honey-like flavor. 


Ingredients: Figs, Potassium Sorbate (a preservative), Sulfur Dioxide (for color retention).

Typically Used In: Snacking and Sharing, Baking, Dessert Making, Charcuterie Boards. Chop up to create a topping, can be incorporated into sauces and chutneys and other savory dishes.

Product Highlight: Premium California Golden Figs (Sierra Variety). Golden Figs have a nutty and sweet flavor, yet not as sweet as the Black Mission Fig. All Figs possess a great amount of fiber, nutrients, and other essential minerals.


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      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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