Turkish Figs Dried
  • Turkish Figs Dried

Turkish Figs

All Natural Turkish Figs imported fresh. Dried Turkish Figs are known as a delicacy and are rated as one of the most superior Dried Fruits. Turkish Figs have been consumed since ancient Greek and Roman Times. Packed with rich, sweet, creamy flavor.  The figs natural sugar sometimes crystalizes into a white coating, called sugared figs.  Sugared dried figs do not affect their quality, and some individuals actually prefer their instant hit of sweetness and light crunch, which adds to their appeal when enjoying them.


Ingredients: Natural Grey Turkish Figs

Typically Used In: Snacking and Sharing, Baking, Dessert Making, Charcuterie Boards, Bulk Bins. 

Product Highlight: Imported fresh from Turkey- Fig capital of the world. Premium Grade Sweet Turkish Figs, a grey fig that boasts superior flavor and sweetness. No preservatives added, all natural. One of the highest quality figs available.


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