Brewers Yeast
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Brewers Yeast


All natural debittered Brewers Yeast Powder.


Ingredients: Inactive Debittered Brewers Yeast (Wheat)

Typically Used In: As a nutritional food, Protein Substitute, added to baked goods to fortify nutritional profile. 

Product Highlight: Brewers Yeast possesses a non-bitter nutty like flavor. A fine powder that is highly soluble and blends well with other ingredients. Brewers Yeast is made up of an astonishing 49% protein and is packed with Fiber, Iron, and Calcium.

Not to Get Confused: Brewers Yeast is an inactive yeast, so it does not contain the live cells that are typically found in an active yeast. Brewers yeast is therefore not the right ingredient for your baking needs nor is it used in the brewing of beer. Brewers Yeast is actually the by-product of the beer brewing process. Brewers Yeast absorbs all the key nutrients and minerals from the ingredients that are used to produce beer making it extremely nutrient rich.


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      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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