Cashew Pieces Raw
  • Cashew Pieces Raw

Raw Cashew Pieces


All Natural Raw Cashew Pieces. Cashews are full of buttery nutty flavor and have a soft creamy texture. Cashews are a good source of protein and minerals. Raw Cashew Pieces can be used in a wide array of applications including snacking, baking, trail mixes, and crunch for savory dishes. Make homemade Cashew Milk!

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Ingredients: Cashews

Typically Used In: Snacks and Snack Applications, Granola Bars,  Baked Goods, Trail Mixes, Bulk Bins, used as Topping. Can be roasted and seasoned. Make fresh Cashew Milk. Raw Cashew Pieces are very versatile. 

Product Highlight: Premium Large White Pieces (LWP) Raw Cashews. Smooth, Rich, Buttery and Nutty flavor. Top Quality Cashews imported directly from Vietnam which produces the finest Cashew crop in the world. 


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