Beta Cyclodextrin
  • Beta Cyclodextrin

Beta Cyclodextrin

Beta Cyclodextrin in Bulk containing no additives. Beta-Cylcodextrin is a highly functional food ingredient used for the masking of unwanted flavors and aromas in certain food/beverage applications. On the opposite spectrum, it can also enhance or help protect and deliver certain flavor profiles and aromas. The molecule structure of Beta Cyclodextrin encompasses unwanted flavor/aroma molecules. 


Ingredients: Beta-Cyclodextrin

Typically Used In: Flavor Masking, Health Foods, Beverages, Baked Goods, Candies, Gummies, Infusibles, Snacks

Product Highlight: Highly Functional Ingredient able to mask unwanted flavors. Typically some of the healthiest ingredients provide an unwanted flavor and smell which can be masked by the Beta-cyclodextrin molecule. Molecules that cause unpleasant tastes or odors can be hidden by encapsulating them within the Beta Cyclodextrin cavity. Can provide noticeable improvement and enhancement of flavor in certain applications. 


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