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Date Chopped Pieces are designed with bakers in mind, by lightly coating in Oat Flour to prevent clumping and sticking. All Natural Chopped Dates are grown in California's ideal climate and are extruded into nice size pieces which are great for baking. See also our Diced Dates.


Ingredients: Dates, Oat Flour (May Contain Traces of Wheat)

Typically Used In: Baked Goods, Granola Bars, Can be used as a Topping.

Product Highlight: Experience the superb flavor of Dates which are lightly coated with oat flour so dates will not stick (dates are naturally sticky!). Date Pieces are perfect for manufacturers and bakers due to the ease of using the product. Date Pieces are similar to Chopped Dates, but rather they are formed through an extruder and sliced. 

Natural Sweetener: Dates are so delicious! What is best about Dried Dates is that they contain a delicious sweetness similar to honey, almost caramel-like. Dates are a great way to incorporate sweetness into baking recipes!


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      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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