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Date Sugar Powder
  • Date Sugar Powder


An all natural fine granule Date Sugar with no additives.  Sometimes also referred to as Date Powder.

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Ingredients: Dates.

Typically Used In: Snacks & Baked Goods, Snack Applications, Granolas Bars, Smoothies. Use as a Natural Sweetening Agent.

Product Highlight: All natural granulated Date Sugar, with nothing added. Date Sugar is a great natural flavoring and sweetener. It can be used as a topping or finishing sugar on pastries and compotes. Manufactures may use Date Sugar to sweeten products and can avoid putting "added sugar" on the label.

Natural Sweetener: Dates are so delicious! What is best about Dried Date Sugar is that it contains a delicious sweetness similar to honey. Dates are a great way to incorporate sweetness into recipes without adding any additional sugar! Easily incorporate date powder into every day recipes, by using a one-for-one ratio to replace regular sugar, or brown sugars in baking. Date Sugar is also great in the household to sweeten every day items such as baked goods, in fruit crisps, shakes, oatmeal, yogurt, coffee, and more!


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