Medjool Dates
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Medjool Dates

Premium Large California Medjool Dates. Medjools are the king of all Dates and are known as a delicacy throughout the world. Medjool Dates are much larger in size, have a soft creamy texture, and have a caramel-like sweet flavor surpassing the standard Date. Medjool Dates may be the best Dried Fruit you have ever tasted and make a great snack as is, or may be stuffed with cream cheese and a pecan half, for a real delicacy. Many will have Medjool Dates around for the Holidays, but they are great to have year-round. 

Melting Temperature 90°F


Ingredients: Medjool Dates

Typically Used In: Snacking and Sharing, Gifting, Bulk Bins, Charcuterie Boards. Can be stuffed or incorporated into savory dishes. 

Product Highlight: Medjools are the Rolex of all Dates. Our Large Fancy Medjool Dates are so soft, creamy, and delicious. They are unlike anything you may have tasted before. They are a delicacy that everyone should experience. Medjool Dates have always been associated with royalty because of the superb flavor they possess. Eating a Medjool Date is the closest thing to Nature's Candy. 


Specific References

Heat Sensitivity Temp °F

      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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