Banana Chips Unsweetened
  • Banana Chips Unsweetened

Unsweetened Banana Chips

Unsweetened Banana Chips in Bulk from the Philippines. Unsweetened Banana Chips are a perfect snack option for those who may be avoiding sugar. Bulk Banana Chips are a very popular snack alternative to items such as potato chips. Wholesale Cases of Banana Chips are very popular!

Case Size Due About July 11th

Ingredients: Banana Chips, Coconut Oil.

Typically Used In: Snacks and Trail Mixes, Bulk Bins, Banana Chips are most commonly consumed just as how the name may suggest, like chips.

The Bland Banana: Unsweetened Banana Chips are ideal for people wanting to cut down on their sugar intake. Unsweetened Banana Chips possess a starchy bland flavor with a subtle hint of banana that seeps through. Unsweetened Banana Chips are also a good option if you like to create your own unique flavored Banana Chips, think of it as an empty canvas!


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