Chick Pea Flour
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Chickpea Flour

Instant Chick Pea Flour also known as Garbanzo Flour, Gram Flour, or Besean Flour. Made from pre-gelled Garbanzo Beans which creates a Premium Chickpea flour that is minimal in bean-like flavor yet still contains full nutritonal values. Bulkfoods' Chickpea flour has a subtle sweetness and creaminess which makes it perfect for baking and cooking. An ideal ingredient in certain diets especially in gluten free recipes.


Ingredients: Cooked Chick Peas

Typically Used In: Baking and Cooking. Gluten-Free Baking, Dough, Dips, and Soups. A Natural Thickener. Great in Cookies, Pancakes, Fallafels, and more!

Product Highlight: A naturally Gluten-Free Chick Pea Flour made from pre-gelled Chick Peas(garbanzo beans) and reconstitutes faster than other Chick Pea Flours. Chick Pea Flour is a great ingredient incorporate into Gluten-Free Recipes and boasts a high level of protein containing all essential amino acids. Unlike other Chickpea Flours, Bulkfoods has minimal Bean-like flavor.


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