Paprika Hungarian Spice
  • Paprika Hungarian Spice

Paprika Hungarian

All natural ground Hungarian Paprika Spice. Hungarian Paprika is claimed to be the best quality Paprika available and is even Hungary's National Spice. Hungarian Paprika offers a warming, sweet peppery flavor and relatively mild heat. It also has a stunning vibrant red color that is great for spice blends and garnishes. Has a 120 ASTA color rating (Brightness of Red). 


Ingredients: Hungarian Paprika

Typically Used In: A Universal Spice. Spice Blends & Seasonings, Garnishing, BBQ, Poultry. Add color to sauces, stews. Sprinkle atop Hummus, Deviled Eggs, and more! Famous in Goulash. 

Product Highlight: A highly versatile spice that is a pantry essential. It can be used to accompany any other spice to enhance the visual appearance and flavor of recipes. Hungarian Paprika is one of the more famous varieties of paprika available offering stunning color and a mild depth of flavor.


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      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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