Whole Yellow Mustard Seeds
  • Whole Yellow Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seed Yellow


All natural whole Yellow Mustard Seeds. Premium Grade A Mustard Seeds. Yellow Mustard Seeds are filled with a pungent spicy mustard flavor, yet are milder than Brown Mustard Seeds. The seeds are an Essential ingredient in homemade coarse mustard, pickling, dips, salads, and dressings! Our Mustard Seeds are Sproutable - grow delicious microgreens!


Ingredients: Mustard Seed

Typically Used In: Homemade Mustard, Condiments, and Dips, Dressings. Popular in Indian Cuisine. Use for flavoring poultry, pork and other meats! Toast to release more flavor!

Product Highlight: Yellow Mustard seeds provide bold spicy flavor. Yellow Mustard Seeds can even be sprouted into delicious microgreens!


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      CALIFORNIA WARNING: Click to read California Prop65.

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