Shipping to APO/DPO/FPO

USPS Priority Mail delivers all US Military APO, DPO, and FPO Packages. Shipping rates are automatically calculated at the Shipping Method Page of your Check Out Screen. Transit times usually take  between 10 - 14 days depending upon the area it is shipped to.

Heat Sensitive Items often melt during overseas shipping, unfortunately no guarantees are given on products melting. It is best suggested if wanting to send chocolate to make sure they are Wrapped and Sealed items such as Fun Size Candy Bars.

U.S. Armed Forced Mailing Address Format

City APO, DPO, or FPO
State AA, AE, or AP
Country United States
Zip Starts with Numbers    -->

For further details and instructions in regards to Military & Diplomatic Shipping.


APO - Army Post Office (Used by Army and Airforce)

DPO - Diplomatic Post Office 

FPO - Fleet Post Office (Used by Navy Installations and Ships)


AA - Armed Forces America

AE - Armed Forces Europe

AP - Armed Forces Pacific

Zip Code First 3 Digits

AA - Central and South America (340)

AE - Germany (090-092)  Contingency (093)  United Kingdom (094)  Military Ships/Submarines (095)  Italy and Spain (096)  Other Europe (097)  Middle East & Africa (098)

AP - Korea (962)  Japan (963)  Philippines (964)  Other Pacific (965)