Caraway Seeds Whole
  • Caraway Seeds Whole

Caraway Seed Whole

All natural Whole Caraway Spice Seeds. Quality sourced Caraway seeds are packed with flavor and aroma that is bittersweet, similar to Anise or Licorice. It is advised to use Caraway sparingly as it can easily overpower foods with its pungent flavor. Caraway Seeds are often used in European cooking, but can often be seen in breads such as Rye Bread and other savory recipes like Pork and Kraut.


Ingredients: Caraway Seed

Typically Used In: Rye Bread and other Baked Goods, Sausage Making, and Cheeses. Popular in German Cooking such as Sauer Kraut and Pork. 

Product Highlight: Popular in European and Mediterranean cooking, Caraway Seeds offer an Anise like flavor that is bold and distinct. Caraway has been recorded to be one of the Oldest Spices in the world. 


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